HUMlab Seminar Archive (HTML5, Experimental)

The Best Mechanical Paper in the World”: Scientific American, Reprinting, and the Circulation of Popular Science in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers
Ryan Cordell
Post-Digital Afterglows: Technological Development and The Production of Waste
Kristoffer Gansing
The Missing Link Between Gadgets and Garbage
Jon Raundalen
Re-Thingifying the Internet of Things
Jennifer Gabrys
transmediale – on art and digital culture beyond the medium
Kristoffer Gansing
Humaniora i gränslandet mellan akademi och journalistik
Per Johansson & Eric Schüldt
Just Leave Me Alone – digitala medieringar av ung mental ohälsa
Hans T Sternudd
Behind the Bezel: Coin-Op Arcade Cabinets as Design History
Dr. Raiford Guins
You Call this Archaeology: Archaeologists and Archaeology as Portrayed in Video Games, 1982-2015
Andrew Reinhard
Digital Classical Studies: unearthing the metalanguage of ancient sources
Eleni Bozia
The Afterlife of the Humanities (Note! Venue: HB210, The Humanities Building)
David Goldberg
Social Media and Feminist Activism against Rape Culture (Note! Venue: HB210, The Humanities Building)
Carrie Rentschler
High-rise Anxiety and the Failure of Community: Paying Filmic Witness to the 1964 Kitty Genovese Murder
Carrie Rentschler
The Long Now of Gamergate: How Video Game History Became Video Game Culture
Laine Nooney
DIY Therapy among trans video bloggers on YouTube. The potentials and challenges of being out online
Tobias Raun
Feminist Data Visualization
Lauren Klein
Shifting the Nuclear Imaginary: Art and the flight from nuclear modernity
Ele Carpenter
The Tell-tale Hat: Problems in Classification and Visualization for a large Folklore Collection
Timothy R. Tangherlini
Drawing Data Work
Yanni Loukissas
Kollaborativa medier. Design, produktion, konsumtion och nya förhållningssätt till medier
Bo Reimer
The Use of 3D Models for Intra-Site Investigation in Archaeology
Nicoló dell'Unto
Why You Need a Macroscope To See Everyday Authority Online: Qualitative Network Analysis for Internet Forum Discourse
Rob Howard
The right to the networked city: digital culture and participatory public
Scott Mcquire
Making, Breaking, and the Deformed Humanities
Mark Sample
Post Digital Media: From the Transreal to Decolonization
Micha Cárdenas
Feeling First Games
Robin Hunicke
Inside Information – How Visualizing the Human Body is Sparking a Revolution in Science Exhibits for Public Venues
Anders Ynnerman
Writing When the Internet was 'Internet'
Lori Emerson
The Authority of the Live: The Rise of Live Publishing in American Journalism
Christine Larson
Objectivity and Evidence in Digital Humanities: The Case of the Missing Palaeographer
Peter Stokes
Transmediated Memory of the Crusades in U.S/Middle East Relations
Brian Johnsrud
Methods and Models for Building Capacity in Digital Cultural Heritage
Ethan Watrall
The Question of a Digital Bauhaus
Kenneth Knoespel
Passionate technologies, passionate scholarship: Falling in (and out of) love with your research
Jenny Sundén
Bodies, Space and the Virtual: A Narrative of Becoming
Jim Barrett
Wild Child: The anarchy of Childhood
Judith "Jack" Halberstam
Zombie U? De-crypting critical university studies
Andrew Whelan
Hearing Urban Infrastructures: A Sonic Archaeology of the Media-City
Shannon Mattern
The Ethics of Remix
Jonathan McIntosh
Exploring Authority and the Role of Religious Digital Creatives in New Media Culture
Heidi Campbell
Kunskapens människa
Stefan Svallfors
The World Through Robot Eyes
Elisabeth Ehlin
D:coding Digital Natives
Nishant Shah
The Deceptions of Data
Andrew Prescott
Deltagarkultur: spel, teknik och overkligheter
Martin Ericsson
Glaciology of the Present: On the Art of Contemporary Slowness
Lutz Koepnic
Untrained to Tweet
Sam Wineburg
A Map is Not a Picture: How the Digital World Threatens the Validity of Printed Maps
Patricia Seed
Within Reach: Publishing for iPad
Jennifer Brook
The Family of Man and the Politics of Attention in Cold War America
Fred Turner
Hide and Seek: Camouflage, Photography and Media of Reconnaissance
Hanna Rose Shell
Does Innovation Theory Need the Humanities
Christopher Newfield
Mapping Time and Mapping Space: Scale, Time, and the Longue Duree, a Methodological Query for the Digital Humanities
Jo Guldi
Welcome to the Green House: Science Fiction, Conservation, and the Future of Domestic Space
Lisa Swanstrom
Science fiction across media
Ursula K. Heise
Making theoretical things in the digital humanities
Geoffrey Rockwell
Critical Theory and Alternative Media/Journalism
Christian Fuchs
Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
“I have a laptop but I don’t teach with computers”: Digital history and the need for technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK)
Stéphane Levesque
‘indie’ and independent games and culture in the Australian video game industry
Chris Moore
Narrative, Database, and Biodiversity Loss
Ursula Heise, Stanford University
Understanding Technoscience Art: Collaborations as the Object of Study
Anna Orrghen
Search Technology in Society: Constructing search engines, shaping knowledge
Astrid Mager
The Book Rebels: Flap Anatomies, Fore-edge Paintings, and Other Acts of Digital Resistance
Whitney Trettien
Close, Distant, and Unexpected Readings
Alan Liu
Interactive Text Events
Rita Raley
Cyberarchaeology: a Post-Virtual Perspective
Maurizio Forte
Knowing Audiences, Knowing Media: Performing Publics at the Early Twentieth-Century Fun Fair
Anders Ekström
Språkteknologi som litteraturvetenskapligt forskningsredskap: Empiri och analysmetoder i projektet Poesiprocesser på nätet
Julia Pennlert & Sverker Lundin
Sustainable Online Learning: Balancing Priorities
Michael Power
Displa[y/c]ing science - Culture in the making
Jonathan Westin
Another structural transformation of the public sphere? On recent challenges and current research projects
Jan Schmidt
Animate Objects – Exploring Design with Dynamic Materials and Technologies to Engender Emotional Relations
Tara Mullaney
The Culture of Online Art Production and Presentation
Charlotte Frost
Digital Modernism: Making it New in New Media
Jessica Pressman
Doing Global Network Studies
Benjamin Peters
Branded Experiences in Digital Channels: Looking back and Looking Forward
David Eriksson
New noise: Digital mobilization from popular culture to politics
Simon Lindgren
Machinimatic Realism: Capturing and Presenting the "Real World" of Video Games
Jeffrey Bardzell
Digitality, Subjectivity, and Suture
Lisa Swanstrom
Writing for Readers: Thinking through publishing in a changing climate
Kenneth Wissoker
The Future of Thinking: Rethinking the Role of the Humanities for a Digital Age
Cathy Davidson
Presence, Representation and Identity in Virtual Spaces
Bryan Carter
"The Human Inside Of You": Avatars and Posthumanism
Jenna Ng
Known Planes of Existence
Brody Condon
Affect and the Individual Fan: Rethinking Aesthetic and Economic Values of Originality
Kristina Busse
Fan Fiction – The Logical Extension
Elizabeth Woledge
The Whole World is Networking: Crafting Networked Politics from Howard Dean to Barack Obama
Daniel Kreiss
Trust and Democracy Online?
Charles Ess
Rethinking Citizen Journalism in the Age of Digital Media
professor Stuart Allan
Developing tools for mining, mapping and visualising scientific data
Brian Bills & George Otto, Penn State University; Stuart Dunn, Kings College London
Will Bona Fide Life Evolve from within Human Technology (and what are the consequences of this happening)?
Bruce Damer
Tiny Dancers, Singing Fish, Burning Man: Virtual Worlds, Real Stories
Galen Brandt
Inside the mind of Macbeth: Understanding and interpreting literary worlds in a virtual environment.
Angela A. Thomas
How To Recognize Authentic Disruption: Social Media and Computing in Education
Gardner Campbell
Nätjournalistik – Fakta, förväntningar och farhågor
Michael Karlsson
Internet för humanister
Ana Valdés
Writing History with New Media
Paul Arthur
Structural Mapping: Deliberate Topology for Fluid Layers
Julie Tolmie
Den svenska datorspelsindustrin - historia, nutid och framtid
Ulf Sandqvist
The Strategic Environmental Archaeology Database
Phil Buckland
Författande fans - om ungas läsande och skrivande på nätet
Christina Olin-Scheller
In[ter]venting Multi-Modal Rhetoric(s)/(a) Poetics of Emergence
Talan Memmott
The Weaving of the 3D Web: Hierarchies and Subversion in online 3D worlds
Maria Bäcke
Making Games: From Starbreeze to Lucas Arts
Jens Andersson
The big bang: A case study of mobile media and gaming as new media in South Korea.
Larissa Hjorth
Interactive Architecture and Interaction Landscaping.
Mikael Wiberg
Desires at play:queering World of Warcraft
Jenny Sundén
Mixed Realities: Information Spaces Then and Now
Bonnie Nardi
Art History and Computer Art: Exploring arts-sciences-technology interrelations through Leonardo
Almila Akdag
People + Pedagogy + Place = Possibilities: Re-engineering the Georgia Tech Library
Crit Stuart
Educating the Humanities for e-science: from cultural heritage to humanities laboratories
Sven Strömqvist
Dynamic Vernaculars: Emergent Digital Forms in Contemporary Scholarship
Tara McPherson
The Cultural Practices of Cheating in Digital Games
Mia Consalvo
Platform Studies, Creative Computing and Constraint: the Atari VCS (1977) and beyond
Ian Bogost
YouTubing the American Presidential Debate
Stephanie Hendrick
New Media and Architecture
Erica Robles
Born Digital: Writing Poetry in the Age of New Media
Maria Engberg
What can eyetracking say about game design? Integrating a tobii eyetracking system with the HiFi Game Engine
Charlotte Sennersten
Robot Ethics
Peter Asaro
Nya media - från papyrus till cyberspace
Mikael Hörnqvist
Guds ord på nätet? En digital generation möter en religiös auktoritet
Anders Sjöborg
Visuella vändningar i Kerstin Ekmans författarskap: skönlitteratur, film, hypertexter och datorspel
Cecilia Lindhé
The Artist & her tools
Steina Vasulka
Located media and the question of manifestation in archaeology
Christopher Witmore
Författarintervention online kring Harry Potter & Kulturanalytikern som medskapare i teknisk produktutveckling
Maria Wiklund
Designing Culture: A work of the technological imagination
Anne Balsamo
Already False, Potentially True: epistemic commitments, virtual reality, and archaeological representation
Matt Ratto
Conversational implications of multitasking
Therese Örnberg Berglund
Fildelningens moralsociologi
Simon Lindgren
Aktivism, konst och digitala medier
Ana Valdés
Disruptive technology: Effects of Technology Regulation on Democracy
Mathias Klang
Omvälvande experimentell teori: Reflektioner över Technospheres: Futures of Thinking
Jennie Olofsson
“Don’t blog on Fridays”: Collision between blogging and work
Lilia Efimova
Reconsidering Emergence
TL Taylor
Technology as a Medium: Artist as a Consumer
Sachiko Hayashi
Humanities Computing: The Plural Community of Method
Willard McCarty
Från poesi till dataspel
Michael Valeur
Att ta plats och äga rum
Jennie Olofsson
Reform, Youth, and Technology in Iran
Hossein Derakhshan
Datascapes, Topologies and the Sublime v.2 La Conchita
Christina McPhee
Att 3D-modellera verkligheter
Anders Kjellberg
The Sims as Narrative Engine
Jim Barrett
Design av underhållande läromediespel
Karin Danielsson
Ett virtuellt museum - inte bara webb
Henrik Summanen
My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts
Katherine Hayles
ALiCE - Artificial Life, Culture and Evolution
Nicholas Gessler
Designing Meaningful Experiences
Nathan Shedroff
Gender, Technicity and Computer Games
Helen Kennedy
Puppetmasters and performances: Pervasive gaming in practice
Jane McGonigal
Att leva i The Sims
Linda Bergkvist
Att lära sig skriva i IT-samhället
Ylva Hård af Segerstad-Hasselgren
Lärplattformar med öppen källkod
Ellen Jacobsson
Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Creative, effective and communitarian: An exploration into peer-to-peer filesharing networks
Jonny Holmström
Producing Massively Multiplayer Online Games: The Politics of Inscriptions
Peter Zackariasson
Nätkulturer- vad gör barn och unga på nätet?
Elza Dunkels
Debate on game studies
Jenkins vs Aarseth
Participatory Media
Henry Jenkins
Haptiskt-visuella gränssnitt - en möjlighet till konstupplevelser för blinda?
Ida Åman & Lina Nilsson
Religion på nätet: Identiteter och interaktioner bland unga internetanvändare
Mia Lövheim
Datorspelandets mening: en empirisk studie om hur datorspelsmediet får innebörder för barn
Jonas Linderoth
The Enacted Myths of Computer Education
Margaret Lloyd
Massively Multiplayer Online Games as Learning Environments
Constance A. Steinkuehler
Forskningen vid Centrum för Talteknologi (CTT) vid KTH
Rolf Carlson, Björn Granström, Mattias Heldner
affordances of connectivity and communication - a dance thru' cultural texts
truna (Jane Turner)
Korpusar i språkutbildningen
Ylva Berglund
Spoken dialogue systems
Linda Bell
Programmerat liv i virtuella världar och cyberpoesins kronotoper
Jim Barrett & Gottfrid Linge
IT på riktigt: domesticering av ny medieteknik
Boel Elmroth
Drömmen om Dolly : materiella dokument och digitalisering
Mats Dahlström
Cyberculture, literature and the textual imagination
Bryan Alexander
Informationssamhället och annat skitsnack - om historiska etiketter och hur de kan avlägsnas
Lars Ilshammar
Diary Writing on the Web: Consuming Lives, Creating Community – a Case Study
Lena Karlsson
Presentations of Self in the Virtual World
Judith Donath
Modeling Prehistoric Culture Change in the American Southwest
George Gumerman
Språklig närvaro i virtuella miljöer och spelforskning, spelkulturer och spelrelaterad fanfiktion
Therese Örnberg & Stefan Blomberg
Education Innovation
Bonnie DeVarco
Textgeografi: ett sätt att visualisera skrivprocessen
Eva Lindgren
Att tänka för att tala och att tänka för att skriva
Sven Strömqvist
Parallax: The Role of Perspective in Reactive Stories
Mark Meadows
En poetik for virtuelle verdener
Lisbeth Klastrup
Språkliga mönster och växtnamn genom informationsteknik
Lars-Erik Edlund, Sigurd Fries, Fredrik Palm, Daniel Pettersson och Gunnar Pettersson
Blogging: hvordan nettskriverier påvirker søkemotorer og kjærlighetsliv
Jill Walker
Teknik som lockar och förstör
Erik Stolterman
Technology, Science and Art: Evolving virtual musics
Rodney Berry
Linking sense to syntax in FrameNet
Charles Fillmore
Transmedia Design
Brenda Laurel
Future culture through simulation and playing with educational technology
Reed Riner
Computing the Human
Katherine Hayles
Kulturgräns norr: Forskning och digital representation i tid och rum
Lars-Erik Edlund, Ulf Lundström, Fredrik Palm
Magic Touch: Den mänskliga handen som en länk mellan det fysiska och det virtuella i framtidens kontor
Thomas Pederson
Hällbilder, språk och miljö: att digitalt rekonstruera, jämföra och simulera forntida hällristningsmiljöer
Thomas Larsson, Johan Olofsson, Fredrik Palm
En hon-cyborgs liv och lustar: Den virtuella kroppslighetens paradox
Jenny Sundén
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